More than hosting. Ecommerce expertise.

As your ecommerce business grows, it becomes critical to your company’s success – and more complex to manage and maintain.

To keep your store running optimally, you need:


High Availability






Risk-Free Security

Achieving this puts a lot of pressure on the IT department. It requires significant investment, time and energy to support such a demanding environment. Choosing an experienced partner who will support your growth and proactively manage your environment is crucial to your success.

Tenzing is a highly specialized managed services provider with ecommerce platform expertise:

10+ Years

designing, deploying and managing revenue-generating ecommerce hosting infrastructure


managing self-built ecommerce sites and major platform technologies

5+ Years

managing a range of ecommerce applications

By leveraging our resources and expertise, you can focus on your customers and online sales, not your ecommerce platform.

Tenzing platform expertise services

Tenzing offers experience and expertise with leading industry platforms:


"We're excited to have a hosting company and infrastructure partner that's willing to push the limits and try and bring to market some new services and products for merchants. It's great to see Tenzing differentiating themselves against other hosting partners within the ecommerce ecosystem.

- Matthew Bertulli, CEO and Co-Founder of Demac Media

We can also support your business and security needs with solutions for PCI compliance, application performance monitoring, DoS mitigation and more.


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